Impact! Stopping power! Increased retention! -- Holograms!

Liti Holographics is one of only a handful of companies in the world with the technology and know-how to produce larger size, full-color display holograms with up to 7 seconds of motion. With its roots in MIT research labs, but a focus on real-world applications, Liti is an expert in the field of holography.

Whether it's for Point-of-Purchase, In-Store Displays, Trade Shows, or just that extra "pop" for a store design or a new campaign, take a look at what holograms could do for you.


Hologram Expertise with the Technology to back it up!

Holographic capabilities provide new possibilities for a wide range of new products and industrial applications. However, without a holographic expert on your side, your advanced application ideas may just stay that - ideas. Liti has a long history of working with other companies to provide initial concept refinement all the way through manufacturing ramp-up.

Let Liti be your hologram expert, and see the results.


Dream It! Then Make It!

It's one thing to have a great idea. It's another thing to see it through to production.

Liti Holographics can help you make it happen. Our capabilities don't stop at the idea phase, but continue through prototyping, production ramp-up and costing, and final production. Whether it is a novel Holographic Optical Element (HOE), a specialty waveguide, or a display application, Liti can walk you through the entire process to make it happen.


New Innovations!

Continuing the tradition from its background at the MIT Media Lab, Liti Holographics is working to create not just the technologies for tomorrow, but also the technologies for the day after tomorrow.
With the latest developments of the Microsoft Hololens, Google's massive investment in Magic Leap's augmented reality, and the almost daily announcements of dead celebrities showing up again as "holograms," the holographic market is exploding in unprecedented ways. Watch for new hologram innovations from Liti, as well as our partners, as we imagine and develop what holograms can do long after tomorrow.

We Create Holographic Solutions.

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